About Us

Nest / noun:
1. A person’s snug or cosy retreat.

Card Nest is a greeting card and stationery brand, creating a range of contemporary and design-focused cards and gift wrap. Working directly with exciting and talented artists from around the world, we produce collections of paper goods that bring joy to both sender and recipient.

Cup of tea

‘To nest’ / verb:
Synonym: gather, store, prepare, nurture

The name Card Nest was inspired by the practice of ‘nesting’, something we often do to feel safe and loved. ‘Nesting’, as our fondly-worded synonyms suggest, is to gather, store, prepare and nurture. By building a personal collection of greeting cards, we’re more prepared, and when an unexpected birthday creeps up on us, we’re armed with the perfect sentiment.

Our mission is to lend a helping hand, and inspire you to pick up a pen instead of a phone to keep in touch.

Artwork: Lydia Nichols

Every design within the collection is created with precision and care, using the highest quality print processes. Everything you see is proudly printed and produced in England, all on FSC certified paper, of course.


Our Story

Can a greeting card change your life?
For co-founders David and Oliver, it certainly did, when some unexpected post brought the pair together...

In a pre-text message and Facebook era, David nervously sent a Valentine’s Day card to Oliver, declaring his affection, and was delighted to discover the feeling was mutual.

Fast forward a few years later, they went on to establish branding and design agency Big Fan®, bringing their creative and technical skills together. It was in 2014 that Card Nest was born out of a continued love for illustration and contemporary design, and the joy that comes from sending and receiving unexpected post.

Brimming with exciting ideas for the first collection, David, Oliver and the rest of the team began collaborating with talented artists from across the world to curate a range of design-led and contemporary paper goods, and still follow this creative process today.

Not only is our collection a celebration of contemporary and beautiful pieces of artwork, we aim to raise a smile with every design and charm the socks off any recipient.

Whether it’s for a birthday, a well-deserved ‘well done’ or a simple ‘hello’, we hope you’ll join us in keeping in touch with loved ones through the handwritten word. Because, as David and Oliver both found, you never can tell where a heartfelt note will take you.


The team at Card Nest x